Who Are We?

Equal Life Foundation is in the process of designing and developing the Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) as a solution to the current global economic instability and rampant poverty.

The point of Living Income is paramount to be a solution that is effective and sustainable for all citizens, and therefore, the societal structure which is at the moment the product of the way we function economically, must be adjusted to facilitate such economic solution as Living Income. Within that, one must investigate all things within the economy to see what requires to be changed to bring about a competitive model which both facilitates those that are not in a position to fully functionally participate in the economy and those that are fully functional in the economy, as well as creating sufficient motivation for the economy to be vibrant and dynamic.

We have a serious problem in our education, and allowing the media to be controlled by corporations that broadcast propaganda that ensures their own profit making schemes, misdirects and prevents proper education and information to get to the people to ensure everyone understands how the world system operates and we all become overseers to ensure our government and economy is functioning effectively –  this is not happening at all.

Thus far it seems also that the point is not yet clearly grasped that to ‘do petitions’ and/or ‘to speak to current leaders about Living Income’ is rather counterproductive – you’ll purely be put on a waiting list and never really get anywhere as it has been proven through time. There is only one way in which Living Income will become a real contender and potentially a new economic system, this is through a political agenda where a political party bases their policy on Living Income Guaranteed with a clearly defined framework to explain how it will practically function, what it will take to implement it, how one will bring about the necessary changes, what type of education will be necessary to bring about a change in the mindset of the citizen, and then an estimate obviously of how much it will cost and how long it will take to implement it.

These things we will be facilitating through the Equal Life Foundation and we will be publishing our research and proposals coming from young minds that are dedicated to find a solution to the problems that have been unable to be fixed by our past generations. We are studying the current systems, developing our communication skills and vocabulary necessary to be creative yet critical within the necessary considerations to always formulate solutions with outcomes that are always what is best for all life. If you are interested in such solutions, then we suggest you join us in this endeavor. It is certainly an approach to present a solution like Living Income Guaranteed within the context of how it can benefit capitalism, because we have realized this is the right approach that will be more acceptable within the current circumstances we live in as humanity.

Therefore with the Living Income Guaranteed one can’t just ‘ensure each one a minimum income,’ we have to ensure that we understand the problem of the system and why unless we change how things currently function, the whole system is not going to work.

Common sensical education is necessary to understand the fundamental problems that have been overlooked when it comes to establishing solutions to provide a Dignified Living for all individuals, which is why we have come to the conclusion that the current crisis and ever increasing problems we have must also have solutions that can be readily implemented without having to wait for the individuals to realize the fundamental principle that enables life on Earth: Equality.

We represent the voice of a generation that is here to create solutions that are best for all, because the proposals presented here are the blueprint to create a world that we can all be proud of for our children to come.

Equal Life Foundation

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