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[01] What is Living Income Guaranteed?


[02] The Inflation of Reality


[03] Basic Income: a Failure? – Part 1


[04] Living Income Guaranteed the Solution to Namibia’s BIG Part 2


[05] Basic Income and Welfare in the Netherlands (Part 1)


[06] Being on Welfare in the Netherlands (Part 2)


[07] The Law is a Riddle


[08] Germany’s Welfare System


[09] Affordable Health Scare Shuts Down Washington


[10] The Swiss Basic Income Initiative


[11] Art and Politics: Sculpting Social Change


[12] Canada’s Minimum Wage


[13] Canada’s Welfare System


[14] Solution to the UK’s Unstable Economy


[15] Portugal’s Basic Income and Living Income Guaranteed


[16] Basic Income and Living Income Guaranteed: Similarities and Differences


[17] Redefining Politics


[18] Technological Unemployment and Living Income Guaranteed


[19] Business and Living Income Guaranteed


[20] The Right to Life is the Right to Money


[21] Labor in the U S and Living Income Guaranteed



[22] Is Life Without Debt Possible?


[23] #BasicIncome Petition and Living Income Guaranteed


[24] Is Capitalism the Problem?


[25] Bridging the Income Gap with Living Income Guaranteed


[26] Money for War or Money for Life


[27] Slovenia’s Political Awakening


[28] Ownership Sharing: Capitalism and the Fear of Collectivism


[29] Who’s Afraid of the NSA?


[30] Why Capitalism Needs Living Income Guaranteed


[31] Open Source Direct Democracy   Living Income Guaranteed


[32] Rising Unemployment: Can We Stop it? 


[33] Living in Debt 


[34] Education for a New World In Order 


[35] #WaveofAction Real Activism or Not 


[36] What You Should Know about War Propaganda 


[37] DIY Social Change 


[38] Spirituality and a Real #WaveOfAction 


[39] DIY Politics for Dummies


[40] Restoring Music’s Role in Society


[41] Living in Thailand: A Westerner’s Perspective


[42] Democratizing Political Activism


[43] Immigrating to a Better Life?


[44] Solutions for Common Core’s Industrial Education 


 [45] Living Income Guaranteed and Political Campaigning 


[46] The Psychology of Meaningless Jobs 


[47] Inflation and Living Income Guaranteed


[48] Is The Government The Root of All Evil? 


[49] The Psychology and Economics of Advertising 


[50] The Psychology of Activism


[51] The Politics of Your Education


[52] Conspicuous Consumption


[53] First World Living Standards: Pros and Cons


[54] Living Income Guaranteed: Principles and Purpose


[55] Libertarian Pragmatism and Living Income Guaranteed 


[56] The Age of Online Activism


[57] The Emergence of New Economics


[58]Consumer Responsibility in the Era of Information


[59] Environmental Sustainability 


[60] Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 


[61] Corporate Social Responsibility 



[62] Economic Efficiency and Sustainability


[63] Technological Innovations for Sustainable Development 


[64]Land Grabs and the Manufacturing of Poverty


[65] Hidden Charges Exposed


[66] Crime: Asking the Hard Questions


[67] Basic Income as Basic Resources


[68] The Emergence of New Economics: November Roundup


[69] Bold Ideas for Humanity: Money Free Party


[70] Permaculture: The Growing Food Revolution


[71] From Archaic to Holistic Psychiatry


[72] Participatory Budgeting



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